Offering community-centered emergency services and transitional programs that help individuals overcome barriers to personal/spiritual growth, stability, and self-sufficiency; for the glory of Jesus Christ.

The Salvation Army Social service programs provide relief to thousands of individuals and families in need of food, clothing, shelter, financial assistance, as well as spiritual and emotional counseling.

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When you don’t know where the money for your next rent payment is coming from, check with your local service center to see if funding is available for rent assistance. This type of funding ebbs and flows, but if we can help, we will. One of our counselors help guide you through the services we offer and guide you through the process. 


When hard times hit, The Salvation Army is here to make sure all your basic needs are met. Our Daily Feeding Program tries to ensure that all are taken care of. 


We never want you to go a day without a meal. The Salvation Army food pantry offers free groceries.  You may need an appointment for groceries, depending on the location.


When life throws a curveball, you can still count on a warm bed to sleep in. If you’ve lost your housing and need immediate help, you can stay at one of our emergency housing facilities. Our Women’s and Children’s Shelter provides a safe and comfortable escape from the street.


Our rehabilitation programs offer compassion to help people break free from chains – whether those of addiction or repeat incarceration – to find a new life path and reclaim lost hope. We offer a starting point on the path to freedom with counseling, patience, prayer and a limitless supply of God’s love.


When you need a place to stay during the “in-between,” our transitional housing program offers shelter until you find a permanent place to live. If you’ve been evicted or have another type of housing crisis, contact Our Men’s Shelter to find out what emergency and transitional housing options are available.


Intervention begins at the door. We believe in speaking value to every man, woman and child who comes through our door.

Every individual has God ordained value. We believe in the God ordained dignity and worth of every person. Individuals coming to our facilities are no less valuable that those residing in 4-star hotels and will be given the same respect and customer service.


Every individual’s situation has unique complexities. We believe that each person’s situation is the culmination of unique circumstances and influences. Individuals participating in our programs will have interventions that are tailored to their unique circumstances, needs and interests.


Effective interventions involve resident engagement. We believe that positive outcomes involve engaging the client in the helping relationship. In our programs we promote healthy professional / client partnerships.


Holistic care is doing the most good. We believe that each individual has physiological, safety, belonging and esteem needs. In our programs we design interventions that touch all four areas and address the causes of homelessness, current homelessness and the residual effects of having been homeless.

The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.