Salvation Story No. 7: Advisory Board Member Finds Solace at The Salvation Army
By: Tiffani Jett, Public Relations & Marketing Manager

“I was unemployed, my son was in prison and I was facing depression.  During this very difficult time, I felt the need to help people who were worse off than I.  So, I offered to be a volunteer at The Salvation Army.  I was enveloped with love from the officers and workers and I knew I was where I was supposed to be!  That year, I worked in their Christmas Toy Program and spent Christmas Eve at the Adult Rehabilitation Center, with men who were addressing addiction in their lives.  This was the beginning of a love affair with The Salvation Army and its varied ministries. Years passed and I was invited to serve on The Salvation Army’s Advisory Board, which I accepted with enthusiasm, and continue to serve in this capacity. It was through a Salvation Army officer (minister) that my son began a relationship with God.  He is now drug free and has a right relationship with his Creator.  I thank God for The Salvation Army and how these people have enriched my life and that of my family.”

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