Salvation Story No. 4: The Salvation Army Becomes Refuge of Hope for Tower Resident
By: Tiffani Jett, Public Relations & Marketing Manager

Veronica was gainfully employed, owned a condo and two cars. After a chronic illness left her disabled, she was unable to work and lost her job. As a result, she lost her home, and was forced to live on the streets of Orlando, with nothing but the clothes she wore and a walker to help her get around. For three years, she slept in secluded corners and behind bushes. She said that people would walk by her, and either ignore her or look at her like she was less than a human. She frequented the various shelters for food and housing and worked low wage part-time jobs whenever she could.

When asked about how she feels living in an affordable apartment in downtown Orlando, her immediate response was “I love it! Without The Salvation Army, I would probably be dead.”

One day, she met a resident of The Salvation Army’s William Booth Towers, a high-rise residence for
low-income senior citizens. In that he was partially paralyzed, she became his caregiver. While waiting for her Disability and Social Security to arrive, she also began to provide whatever care she could for other residents, until her application for a handicap accessible apartment was accepted. She has now been a resident of the William Booth Towers for the past 16 years. 

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