Salvation Story No. 3: Former Addict Blessed with New Smile
By: Tiffani Jett, Public Relations & Marketing Manager

Due to the effects of cocaine and heroin, his teeth and gums were so rotted that when closing his mouth, not even two teeth made contact.  He could only “eat” soup and applesauce.  When Mike hit “rock bottom” in his addiction, he found his way to The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center, a free, faith based, residential, substance abuse recovery program.  

While there, he found Jesus and was able to escape the grip that drugs had on him for so many years.

 A generous benefactor provided the funds for him to receive a complete set of new dental implants to replace his rotten teeth and gums.  He has become a member of The Salvation Army church and not long ago, married a young lady from the church.  He is now working full time and building a new life for him and his bride.

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