Salvation Story No. 12: Adult Rehabilitation Center Client Receives Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Care
By: Tiffani Jett, Public Relations & Marketing Manager

David was the president of a multi-million dollar company in the Orlando area.  Everything he touched brought him success.  Then, over a 15 year span, he became divorced; lost his job and status; lost his wealth; was incarcerated; and ended up homeless – all because of his addiction to alcohol and drugs.  When he met The Salvation Army, he was broken, on the bottom and with no energy to begin to climb up again.  He was told that if he followed the 6-month recovery program at the Adult Rehabilitation Center, it would change his life – and it did!  He was able to heal physically, with food and housing in a safe environment.  He was able to heal emotionally, through classes, work therapy and counseling.  And, he was given the opportunity to heal spiritually, in that he connected with his Creator, who transformed his life.  David is now an active member of the Church and is a mentor to a number of men who are where he was.

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