Salvation Story No. 11: Couple Renews Vows at Local Salvation Army
By: Tiffani Jett, Public Relations & Marketing Manager

Kevin and Jean live in the Isle of Man, a tiny island between England and Ireland.  Jean attends a weekly bible study at the only Salvation Army church on the island. They were married in 1981, however, as the years passed they drifted apart – eventually separating.  Over time, they realized that they really love each other. Since they vacation in Orlando, they asked to renew their vows at the local Salvation Army .  So, this past Sunday morning, at the end of the sermon, they were led in their Vows of Recommitment, which was followed by their personal vows. She gave him a few small gifts, each which had special significance to them, and he sang her a love song, which was followed by a ring ceremony.  There were tears, laughter and joy in the Worship Service that morning – as all of us were witness to this holy moment.

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