Salvation Story No. 1: 2-Year-Old Girl Receives Wheelchair on Christmas
By: Tiffani Jett, Public Relations & Marketing Manager

Little Isabella is a 26 pound two year old, who was born with a muscle related disease which has made her unable to walk.  She has been using a borrowed wheelchair but it is too large for her and hurts her little body to use it.  Her 15 year old brother has had to walk to school since their mother is not able to take him, due to her need to care for little Isabella. Thanks to the generosity of the people in Orlando, funds were made available to The Salvation Army to purchase a pediatric wheelchair for her and a new bike for her brother.  When her mother brought her to our Angel Tree Distribution Center to receive their Christmas gifts, she had no idea that a wheelchair was among them.  Her mother immediately put her hands to her mouth in utter surprise and joy!  When little Isabella was lowered into her new little wheelchair, she shuttered with joy and blew kisses to all who witnessed this beautiful scene.


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