Friendly people coming together for worship through contemporary and traditional brass band music, Bible readings, testimony and a morning message that guide you though Biblical principles that will help your everyday life. After the service you’ll even have an opportunity to talk or pray with our pastor, Major Ted Morris.

All of our programs are open to the public and there is a specially designed program for everyone in the family!

Children of all ages are welcome to worship at our church. In the middle of our service, we invite the children 12 and under to Junior Church where they receive an age-appropriate Bible lesson with fun activities.

Each week we have people in our nursery to watch and play with our youngest attenders. Moms and Dads are encouraged to even stay for a while to get to know more about what is available for their children.

Contact Robin Smith at 407-423-8581, Ext. 26472 for the complete schedule of events and more detailed information about the church programs or email her at: Robin.Smith@uss.salvationarmy.org

OWL (Oh Wise Lord)

This program geared towards women is focused Scrapbooking and other creative art forms. The program participants meet on a monthly basis on Friday and Saturday. Interested in participating? Contact Lenora Sherman, OWL Ministry Leader for more details or register for the upcoming monthly event now


This is a group for ladies aged 16 and up that includes fellowship, worship, service and educational programs.


A weekly program that meets on Thursdays for girls grades 1-5. The girls do many fun activities and work toward earning badges


An all day week Bible study program enhanced by fun activities and field trips. This program is for three separate age groups, 7-9 year olds, pre-teens, and teens


For men ages 16 and up, this program offers many different activities, from bible study to basketball games.


Corps Cadets is a Salvation Army program in depth bible study and character building program. The program is by invitation only and is focused on such things as the bible, Salvation Army doctrines, policies of The Salvation Army, etc. These young people are given leadership roles and participate in many of the corps activities. 


A program offered to both boys and girls, ages 7-12, and is designed to bring them to an understanding of Jesus Christ, and to develop them as fighting soldiers in the ranks of The Salvation Army.


A weekly program meeting on Thursdays for girls in grades 6-12. As a group they complete activities, with bible study to earn badges.


Children that are involved with weekly activities and a member of the youth are able to attend our summer camps at Camp Keystone. We send kids every year to enjoy the camp life and spend the week with friends throughout the Florida Division.


Every Sunday Young Adults get together to fellowship and play games. This is a great opportunity to grow with fellow Christians and have a time to get together outside of church.


Volunteers from the Orlando Corps go out to Maxwell Terrace and Maxwell Gardens to serve the community food. They provide clothing and different amenities to this broken neighborhood. While there they provide the word of God and a time for prayer.


The Salvation Army Adventure Corps program is a Christian Program for boys in grades 1-8. Its purpose is to assist boys in developing their individuality and potential in regards to their physical, mental and spiritual development. It can also assist in helping the corps to bridge the community with corps programming.