Salvation Story No. 9: Music Improves Child’s Self-Confidence

By: Tiffani Jett, Public Relations & Marketing Manager

In escaping an abusive home situation Abe and his mother came to The Salvation Army. Little Abe was so afraid of people that he did not interact with the other children and would hide under the pews during the Sunday worship services. In an effort to help him become part of the church family, he was given the job of pushing the PLAY button on the cassette player to accompany the children’s choir. This continued to be his job when the cassette player changed to a CD player. When he was old enough, he was invited to play in the Youth Band at The Salvation Army, which he did. He also learned to play the guitar at The Salvation Army’s music camp. Music became the avenue through which Abe grew – both emotionally and spiritually. He joined the high school band and often, fellow bandsmen from The Salvation Army would go to his games – so that he would know that someone was there watching him as he marched. He now plays the trombone in The Adult Band at The Salvation Army – and is often seen playing the piano when he has a moment. He will be going off to college soon – and plans to study music! Little did his mother know when she sought The Salvation Army for refuge, that she and Abe would find a church family who continues to surround the two of them with love and care.

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