Salvation Story No. 8: Mother of 2 Finds Temporary Refuge at Women’s and Children’s Shelter

By: Tiffani Jett, Public Relations & Marketing Manager

Stacy and her two children were left with a 24-hour notice to find another place to live. With nowhere to go, Stacy brought her family to The Salvation Army Women’s & Children’s Shelter.

“It took some adjustment moving into a shelter, finding a job and making sure my children were safe – all at the same time,” said Stacy. “I had a lot of work ahead of me.”

Her children were enrolled in daycare and Stacy secured employment and saved money while staying at the shelter. After five months, she and her children found a home of their own. She summed up her time at the shelter by saying, “My experience with The Salvation Army has given me a sense of accomplishment and self-worth. I was able to work for my family and become self-sufficient.”

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